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Junior Pro Revolution

Perfectly balanced flying and rearing mixture for young pigeons with sufficient fibers and proteins, including the presence of barley, paddy rice and the addition of the Pro Immune pellets.


By feeding the same mixture daily the intestinal flora of the young pigeons remains stable, which is beneficial for the prevention of colli/adeno. By adding the Pro Immune pellets with all the necessary vitamins, trace elements, Pro- and Prebiotics the youngsters develop their construction, strength and orientation to achieve top results in the future.

When the flights become heavier, a mixture richer in fat can be fed to the end of the week, such as Sport Ultra Pro Revolution.


Pro Immune pellets
Small yellow cribbs maize
Yellow cribbs maize
White Dari
Paddy rice
Striped sunflower seeds
Millet yellow
Flat seed
Soybeans toasted
Sesame seed
Bordeau Cribbs Maize 
Mung Beans 
Wheat White 
Red French Maize 


Nutritional values

Fat 7,9
Protein 12,6
Absorbable protein 11,1
Carbohydrates 44,68

49 Junior
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