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About Pro Immune

Why did we add the Pro Immune pellets?
Pro Immune pellets are made with the best quality raw materials and are produced according to a high-tech process. Pro Immune pellets contain the highest quality animal protein, vitamins and trace elements. Pro Immune pellets also contain the most modern Pre- and Pro-biotics, which help prevent Coccidiosis and Coli.

Pro Health
All the necessary ingredients have been incorporated into the pellets, so there is little extra that needs to be added. Tested and approved by several champions, with exceptional results.

Pro immune pellets

Pro Health

The pre- & pro-biotics in the Pro Immune pellets support the stomach and intestinal flora and ensures healthy digestion, eliminating possible toxins and bacteria in a natural way.

Pro Muscle

Vitamin D & Calcium ensures good muscle function and maintains strong bones.

Pro Energy

Adding brewer‘s yeast, vitamins, proteins and oligo-elements in the grain, and therefore in the daily diet ensures that the batteries are always fully charged.

Pro Vitality

The addition of Multivitamins & minerals gives the pigeons vitality and they recover faster after returning home, even after tough competitions.

Flying Pigeon

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