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Moulting Pro Revolution

After a tough season and for the further future as a breeding and racing pigeon an absolute must for a perfect moult. Contains no less than 30 different ingredients.

Due to the presence of all these energy-rich grains and seeds and the addition of the Pro Immune grains, a source of energy, methionine, amino acids, lysine & zinc.

The addition of the Pro Immune granules with all the necessary vitamins and extra Pre- and Pro-biotics promotes immunity and vitality in the period when the pigeons are heavily loaded.

TIP: Administering Vanrobaeys bath salts twice a week ensures a shiny and soft plumage. In addition to care, bath salts also disinfect vermin that can settle in the new feathers.


Pro Immune pellets
Red French maize
Bordeaux maize
Little cribbs maize
Peeled barley
Dary white
Peeled oats
Rice cargo
Striped sunflowers
Flax seed
Canary seed/flat seed
Katjang idjoe
Soybeans toasted
Small green peas
Wild seeds/weed seed
Milk thistle seed

Nutritional values

Fat 10,7
Protein 14,7
Absorbable protein 13,1
Carbohydrates 43,16

55 Moulting
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