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Sport Ultra Pro Revolution

The ideal sports mixture for building up towards the start of the season with the necessary energy. Due to the perfect balance between proteins, fats, amino acids that are easily digestible its metabolism is not burdened.

With the addition of the Pro Immune pellets, the reserves and resistance are maximally replenished for the next flights, partly due to the vitamins, proteins, Pre- and Pro-biotics used.

The pigeons continue to take everything in until the last day because there is no need for additional supplements to be mixed with the feed.

TIP: Giving HYP 100 day of basketing and homecoming prevents dehydration and thirst.


Pro Immune pellet
Red French maize
Bordeaux cribbs maize
Small yellow cribbs maize
Yellow cribbs maize
White Dari
Peeled oats
Paddy rice
Rice white
Striped sunflower seeds
Millet white
Flat seed
Katjang idjoe
Soybeans toasted
Wild seeds
Milk thistle seed
Sesame seed
Candy mix superior

Nutritional values

Fat 11,1
Protein 14,0
Absorbable protein 12,5
Carbohydrates 42,4

53 Sport Ultra
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